Ripley’s Aquarium Annual Pass

Unleash a year of underwater exploration and family fun with Ripley’s Aquarium Annual Passes. Dive into captivating exhibits, encounter mesmerizing marine life, and create cherished memories with unlimited access for both kids and parents.


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Embark on a yearlong aquatic adventure with Ripley’s Aquarium Annual Passes. Delve into the mysteries of the deep alongside your family, as both kids and parents immerse themselves in a realm of vibrant marine wonders. With unlimited access, you’ll journey through captivating exhibits like the Dangerous Lagoon, the Rainbow Reef, and the interactive Discovery Centre. From watching graceful rays glide by to being mesmerized by the vibrant dance of jellyfish, each visit unveils the awe-inspiring beauty of our oceans. Through educational insights and interactive experiences, you’ll bond as a family while learning about marine ecosystems and conservation efforts. With Ripley’s Aquarium Annual Passes, every day becomes an opportunity to discover, learn, and create memories that will last a lifetime.