Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology Tickets or Birthday Party

Explore a realm where innovation thrives and history ignites at the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology. Venture into a world shaped by steam-powered marvels and industrial brilliance, as the museum stands proudly upon the historic 1859 Hamilton Waterworks site. Discover the monumental steam-driven beam engines that once fueled the city’s growth, and immerse yourself in captivating artifacts illuminating Hamilton’s industrial evolution. Unveil the mysteries of water, steam power, and ingenuity through guided tours, hands-on workshops, and immersive events like Train Days and the Electric City Festival. Ignite curiosity with themed birthday parties that blend education and fun, crafting unforgettable memories within the echoes of innovation. Embark on a journey through time and science, where the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology sparks fascination and fuels imagination.


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Step into the captivating world of industrial innovation at the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology. Immerse yourself in the rich history of steam-powered marvels as you explore our engaging exhibits, showcasing the ingenuity that shaped the course of industry. This National Historic Site, situated on the grounds of the 1859 Hamilton Waterworks complex, stands as a civil and power engineering landmark. Today, the museum preserves two massive steam-powered beam engines that once pumped water in Hamilton from 1859 to 1910. Additionally, a collection of artifacts relating to Hamilton’s industrial past paints a vivid picture of its evolution.

Dive deeper into history and join us in discovering Hamilton’s remarkable relationship with water, steam power, and industrialization. Our guided tours, public programs, and special events, such as Train Days with the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers, Boats in the Park with the Confederation Marine Modellers, and the Electric City Festival in partnership with the Nikola Tesla Education Corporation, offer immersive experiences that bring history to life. The museum is a hub of year-round STE(a)M workshops, field trips, group tours, and children’s activities, inviting visitors of all ages to engage with history and science in interactive ways.

**Themed Birthday Parties:**
Add a touch of enchantment to your child’s special day with our unique themed birthday parties. Choose from a variety of captivating themes that blend fun and education for an unforgettable celebration. In the “All Aboard! Train Theme Birthday Party,” young adventurers will enjoy a ride on a miniature train and explore the museum’s iconic steam engines. The “Cool Catapults!” theme encourages kids to delve into simple machines with hands-on catapult building and museum exploration. For young artists, the “Arts & Casts” theme offers a chance to create metal castings and learn about steam engine construction. And for budding scientists, the “Radical Reactions” theme transforms the party room into a chemistry lab with captivating experiments and museum investigations. With our themed birthday parties, your child’s special day will be an educational and entertaining experience they’ll cherish forever.

Uncover the stories of innovation that continue to shape our modern world. Celebrate history, science, and creativity at the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology, where learning and exploration come to life.