Embark on a Creative Adventure: Discover Pottery and Art at Creative Insight Pottery

Gift your child a world of imagination and creativity with Creative Insight Pottery! Choose from a variety of membership options that offer pottery courses, open studio access, clay supplies, and incredible savings. Delight in the joy of shaping clay and bringing art to life. Elevate your child’s artistic journey with engaging classes like Kids Art & Pottery Explore, Have Fun With Clay, and much more. Let their creativity flourish in a vibrant and welcoming environment.


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Get ready to ignite your child’s passion for art and pottery with Creative Insight Pottery—a haven of creativity and self-expression. Explore a range of membership options tailored to your child’s artistic dreams:

1 Term Membership: Embark on a captivating artistic journey with this 1-term membership package. Dive into an 8-week course of your choice, sculpting clay into masterpieces that reflect your child’s imagination. Enjoy membership access to Open Studio times, where their creativity knows no bounds. This package includes a bag of clay to fuel their artistic adventures. Don’t miss out—secure your spot early and let the creativity flow!

2 Term Membership: Experience the joy of a 2-term membership that encompasses 16 classes of artistic exploration. Choose two courses and watch your child’s skills flourish as they build and sculpt with clay. Unleash their imagination in Open Studio times and enjoy savings while nurturing their creativity. With two bags of clay included, this membership offers endless artistic possibilities.

3 Term Membership: Immerse your child in a world of creativity with a 3-term membership. Watch them thrive in 24 classes of artistic wonder across three courses. Enjoy enhanced access to Open Studio times and revel in the joy of crafting with clay. With three bags of clay included, your child’s artistic journey knows no bounds—register early to secure their spot and let their creativity soar!

Full Year Membership: Elevate your child’s artistic journey with a full year membership that offers boundless creativity and remarkable savings. Delight in 32 classes across four courses and enjoy enhanced Open Studio access. Let your child’s imagination run wild with four bags of clay included, ensuring their artistic dreams come to life. Secure their spot early and gift them a year filled with artistic exploration.

But that’s not all—explore an array of classes that cater to your child’s artistic interests and age:

Kids Art & Pottery Explore (Ages 9 to 13): Let your child’s imagination flourish in this immersive class where they’ll dive into drawing, painting, and sculpting with clay. From the art studio to the pottery studio, they’ll create wonders and embrace their creative journey.

Kids Art & Pottery Explore (Ages 5-9): Watch your child light up as they explore the world of art and pottery. With drawing, painting, and clay sculpting, they’ll experience endless fun and creative expression.

Have Fun With Clay (Ages 5 to 9): Unleash your child’s imagination with age-appropriate projects that transform their ideas into 3D creations. From animals to castles, they’ll develop basic throwing, hand-building, and sculpting skills.

Parent & Child Wheel Throwing & Sculpting (10 & Up): Experience the magic of pottery as a team! Join your child in this exciting class that teaches both throwing and hand-building techniques. Explore the world of clay together and create lasting memories.

Plan, Design, & Build – The World of Clay (Ages 13+): Empower your child’s creative vision in this class that transitions imagination to conceptual drawing and 3D creations. From throwing to wheel-throwing, they’ll explore a mix of functional and sculptural work.

And More! Discover a range of classes that cater to diverse artistic interests, from multimedia exploration to advanced drawing techniques. Let your child’s creativity thrive and their imagination take flight.

At Creative Insight Pottery, we’re dedicated to nurturing your child’s artistic spirit and fostering a lifelong love for creativity. Join us and watch their imagination come to life in the vibrant world of pottery and art!