Centreville Passes and Tickets

Hey, adventurous parents! Get ready to surprise your little ones with the ultimate island getaway at Centreville Amusement Park! Imagine the excitement of ferry rides, iconic Sky Ride views, and giggles on thrilling rides. With picturesque Lake Ontario vistas, quick lineups, and water play to beat the heat, Centreville Island is where unforgettable memories are waiting to be made. Ready to gift them an island adventure they’ll cherish forever?


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Calling all parents who know how to turn family time into epic adventures! Say hello to Centreville Island, where the magic of over 50 years is waiting to be discovered all over again. Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they embark on a ferry ride from the city to the island – a short journey that’s packed with breathtaking Toronto skyline views and invigorating lake breezes.

Ferry Ride Fun: Trust us, the ferry ride is just the beginning of the excitement! While 10 minutes may seem short, the anticipation builds as you approach Centre Island. And here’s the golden tip – pre-buy your ferry tickets to skip the lines and feel like a superstar as you stroll up to the gate with immediate access for your family. Plus, everyone gets a seat, so no worries about finding space.

Unleash the Adventure: Once you step foot on Centre Island, it’s time for your little adventurers to take the wheel! Armed with a park map, watch as they excitedly plan their route to all their favorite rides. From the Bumble Bee Ride to the classic Antique Cars, every ride is a chance to create cherished memories.

Sky Ride Magic: And guess what? It’s not just the kids who get to choose the ride! The iconic Sky Ride is a must for everyone. Imagine soaring above the amusement park, pointing out all the thrilling spots you’re yet to explore, and catching more breathtaking Lake Ontario views along the way.

Thrills, Giggles, and Water Play: The excitement doesn’t stop there. With quick lineups and rides suitable for various ages, your kids will have a blast riding almost everything. And when the sun is blazing, Water Play is your family’s oasis. From toddlers to big kids, everyone can cool down while guessing which water jet will surprise them next.

Unforgettable Island Memories: Whether it’s hopping on a train, navigating bumper boats, or relaxing on swan rides, Centreville Island offers a world of joy for all ages. With their website providing ride info, hours, and updates, you can plan the perfect day without any hiccups.

So, are you ready to gift your children an island adventure that’ll make their hearts race? Centreville Amusement Park is calling – where thrilling rides, stunning views, and endless laughter await. Get ready for a day of family fun that they’ll cherish forever!