Active Adventures Await at Gymalaya: Unleash Your Child’s Gymnastic Journey!

Embark on a journey of active exploration and joy at Gymalaya! Our exciting packages offer a variety of age-specific classes that ignite your child’s passion for movement, growth, and fun. From TinyGym for the littlest ones to AcroGym for aspiring acrobats, our state-of-the-art gym provides a safe and stimulating environment. Watch your child’s confidence soar as they conquer obstacles, flip, tumble, and make new friends. Join us today and let your child’s gymnastic adventure begin!


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Welcome to Gymalaya, where adventure, movement, and fun converge! Our range of packages caters to every age, ensuring that your child’s journey is full of discovery and excitement. For the tiniest ones aged 4 to 10 months, the TinyGym class introduces interactive stretches and exercises that support motor skill development. Watch as your baby grows stronger and more confident while engaging with gym equipment, songs, and bubbles.

As your baby starts crawling and up to 18 months, our BabyGym class offers a stimulating environment filled with exploration and learning. Our soft gym equipment and engaging activities encourage crawling, climbing, sliding, and flipping. With songs, games, and interactive circuits, your little one will build strength, coordination, and muscle control while having a blast.

Toddlers aged 18 months to 3 years thrive in our TotGym class, where they learn to move their bodies safely and joyfully. Activities like crawling, climbing, and tumbling are taught through games and group interactions, promoting physical development in a supportive atmosphere.

For children aged 4 to 5 years, KinderGym focuses on real gymnastics skills through innovative games and activities. Our structured program helps children learn in an encouraging setting, fostering strength, balance, and coordination.

JuniorGym (6 – 7 years) introduces gymnastics apparatus, allowing children to learn skills on tumble trampolines, beams, bars, and more. As children progress, the Junior/SeniorGym (6 – 10 years) package offers higher-level skills in a non-competitive environment, building valuable abilities applicable not only in gymnastics but also in other sports.

Experience the thrill of AcroGym (6 – 10 years), where children enhance strength, flexibility, and acrobatic skills through safe techniques. This class is ideal for those with a basic gymnastics background or dancers seeking to elevate their acro skills.

During PA Day Camps, your child will enjoy hours of gymnastics, arts and crafts, games, dance, and more, all in our gym facility.

At Gymalaya, we’re more than a gym – we’re a place where your child’s enthusiasm for movement and exploration is celebrated and nurtured. Join us to unleash your child’s potential and create lasting memories of active adventures!