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Canada’s Wonderland Passes

Gift your family the magic of endless thrills and unforgettable moments with Canada’s Wonderland Season Passes. Experience a world of laughter, excitement, and shared adventures that last all year long, turning every visit into a treasure trove of cherished memories.


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Elevate family fun to extraordinary heights with Canada’s Wonderland Season Passes, unlocking a realm of excitement and joy that transcends the ordinary. Nestled within the heart of Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland stands as a beacon of entertainment, offering a tapestry of heart-pounding rides, captivating shows, and immersive attractions that cater to every age. With the Season Pass, the gateway to thrilling summer and fall adventures swings wide open, granting your family unlimited access to the park’s wonders.

For those seeking an even greater adventure, the Gold Pass extends the enchantment into the realms of Haunt and WinterFest. Immerse yourself in chilling mazes and spooky encounters during Haunt, and then bask in the sparkling holiday magic of WinterFest, as the park transforms into a winter wonderland filled with lights, festivities, and pure joy.

And for those who desire the ultimate VIP experience, the Prestige Pass offers an array of exclusive privileges that elevate every visit. Enjoy the luxury of preferred parking, free general parking, and early entry, ensuring you’re the first to embrace the excitement. Revel in the privilege of exclusive access to the VIP area, where you’ll savor the perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. Two FREE bring-a-friend tickets allow you to share the magic with loved ones, multiplying the joy of your visits.

Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they unwrap the gift of Canada’s Wonderland Season Passes—a key to endless adventure, shared laughter, and the creation of unforgettable memories. Replace ordinary toys with extraordinary experiences that will shape their summers, fill their falls with laughter, and turn winter into a wonderland of family bonding. Give the gift of Canada’s Wonderland, where every visit transforms into a treasure trove of cherished moments and dreams come true.