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Gift Together’s journey began from a place of shared experience and the unwavering belief that every child deserves to create cherished memories.

Raised by a single mother and intimately familiar with the struggles of poverty in India, I have observed the guilt, stress, and frustration that mothers endure when financial barriers limit their ability to provide enriching experiences for their children. In Canada, while basic necessities receive support, access to essential recreational activities for children remains a challenge. Gift Together was born from this reality – a platform empowering parents to create gift registries for their children’s special moments, allowing friends, family, and the community to effortlessly contribute. Our vision: to break down financial barriers and ensure every child can access the activities they deserve.

Today, Gift Together stands as a beacon for families and local businesses alike. Our platform not only helps small businesses flourish by connecting them with new customers but also declutters households by replacing traditional gifts with meaningful experiences. We empower parents to see their children fulfill their dreams and create lifelong memories, providing opportunities they might not have had otherwise. What sets us apart is our commitment to giving back: a portion of our profits goes towards celebrating the birthdays of children in need, ensuring they too can build beautiful memories. In a heartwarming twist, when parents create free gift registries on our site, they’re not just crafting moments for their own children but also gifting cherished memories to another child in need – a heartfelt gesture from one parent to another, without the need for charity.